NCCCO Preparatory Training Programs:

As a proud supporter of the NCCCO, C.S.E offers preparatory training programs, along with the NCCCO written and practical exams. The preparatory training is designed to prepare experienced operators, riggers, signal persons, lift directors and crane inspectors for the rigorous NCCCO written and practical exams.

Mobile Crane Operator

Become proficient in operating mobile cranes, lifting and moving heavy loads safely in various construction and industrial settings. Gain hands-on experience and safety training.

Rigger Level I

Learn the basics of rigging, including preparing loads, attaching rigging equipment, and following safety protocols. Ideal for entry-level positions in lifting operations.

Rigger Level II

Advance your rigging skills by supervising tasks, calculating load weights, and selecting appropriate gear. Ensure safety and efficiency in complex lifting operations.

Signal Person

Master the art of communicating with crane operators using hand and radio signals. Ensure precise and safe movement of loads during lifting operations.

Tower Crane

Train to operate tower cranes on construction sites, lifting and positioning materials at great heights. Focus on precision, safety, and efficient operation.

Crane Operator

Learn to operate cranes mounted on service trucks, lifting and transporting materials efficiently across various locations. Emphasize safety and versatility.

Lift Director

Develop skills to plan and oversee lifting operations, coordinating with operators and riggers. Ensure safety, compliance, and efficient handling of loads.

Crane Inspector

Gain expertise in inspecting cranes and lifting equipment for safety and compliance. Perform maintenance checks and recommend repairs, ensuring operational safety.

Certified Safety Experts provides a wide range of training programs in Mobile Cranes, Tower Cranes, Rigging, Signaling, Telehandlers, Forklifts, MEWPS, Loaders, and Backhoes. We offer both standardized and customized training tailored to meet specific employer needs, ensuring qualification and certification in these trades. Our primary goal is to enhance our clients’ knowledge and skills, ensuring their safety and compliance with industry and government standards. We recommend at least 1,000 hours of experience for Crane Training Programs.

“C.S.E endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and provides training to prepare candidates for CCO examinations.” We also offer customized on-site training at your location.

Certified Safety Experts

At Certified Safety Experts, we offer the most reliable, respectful, and professional certified crane and forklift equipment inspectors. We provide annual inspections of the cranes and forklifts to assure compliance with OSHA and the relevant standards. Our technicians are highly trained and conduct rigorous diagnostics to find any possible hitch in your equipment, ensuring that the facility enjoys effective and efficient running equipment.

We also do post-incident inspections. This is an inspection carried out to determine damage or problems that may have resulted from an accident or incident. Inspections are always timely and in detail; any safety concern is corrected to ensure the equipment is safe for continued operation.

Certified Safety Experts support the needs of individuals in NCCCO licensing and certification. We provide educational programs that teach students the practical information and skills to operate cranes and forklifts. We guarantee that our students are adequately equipped to satisfy the tough NCCCO certification criteria via in-class instruction and hands-on training.

At Certified Safety Experts, we prioritize safety. Our services include prompt, reliable, and thorough annual inspections of your cranes and forklifts, post-incident inspections, and assistance with NCCCO certifications. Help us make your workplace safety and compliance the priority it should be. Contact Certified Safety Experts today for your inspection scheduling.

OSHA-Approved Crane Inspections That Prioritize Workplace Safety

Are you having problems with your cranes? No need to worry! Certified Safety Experts can assist you with your crane’s safety and compliance. Since the early days; when we started providing these services, our commitment to quality and safety for workers and the general environment has always been our greatest priority. It has made us become great specialists in offering comprehensive services in crane inspection to individuals and businesses in different industries.

Crane inspections, required by OSHA standards, are called out to be conducted by qualified personnel for hazard identification and correction. Our trained crane inspectors can provide the experience and credentials that are called out for within this critical need. Our inspectors, whether employed by the employer or through a third-party organization, are committed to maintaining the highest standards for safety and compliance.

In addition to testing cranes for functioning, our inspectors are responsible for detecting misalignments, broken components, or deformations before they are put into service. We help our customers reduce the risks of crane operation accidents and secure and enable the cranes to operate safely and efficiently with our comprehensive inspections.

At Certified Safety Experts, we fully understand the role the OSHA standards play in maintaining workplace safety. This explains precisely why we strive to provide comprehensive inspection services that will meet or exceed the OSHA requirements, giving the customer confidence in the safety of crane operations.

Experienced and proficiently trained, our professional team at Certified Safety Experts provides crane inspection services. Whether one requires audits made for compliance, checks to be made post-incident, or regular inspections, Certified Safety Experts will provide reliable and experienced crane inspection services. Come to us today and learn how we can help you keep your place of business both safe and compliant.

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