OSHA Compliance:

OSHA compliance is crucial for ensuring workplace safety, minimizing risks, preventing accidents, and protecting both employees and employers from legal and financial repercussions.


Ensuring safer job sites reduces accidents, enhances productivity, protects workers’ health, and fosters a positive work environment, ultimately leading to better project outcomes and cost savings.


We enhance efficiency by providing comprehensive training, ensuring compliance with safety standards, and equipping operators with advanced skills, leading to smoother operations and reduced downtime.

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A dependable construction safety service. With a commitment to quality and a focus on workplace safety and compliance, we specialize in providing full construction safety services.


Our clients have a choice. Choosing C.S.E results in the highest level of professionalism, unparalleled industry performance, and supreme customer service for safety training, certifications, and inspections in the crane, rigging, and specialized lifting industries.


C.S.E pledges to solve our clients’ challenges with creative, real-world, proactive solutions through continuous improvement and development of the various curricula to maintain pace with evolving industry standards and requirements.


We are committed to maintaining our status as an industry leader by providing unmatched excellence in safety training, certifications, and inspections. Our dedication ensures we set the highest standards, delivering world-class services that surpass expectations in the safety sector.


We will continue to be recognized as a successful worldwide premier provider of crane and lifting industry safety training, resulting in cost-effective and inherently safer environments that achieve regulatory compliance and stimulate the best industry practices.

Our Programs and Services

NCCCO Certification Programs

  • Mobile Crane Operator
  • Rigger Level I and II
  • Signal Person
  • Lift Director
  • Crane Inspector
  • Tower Crane
  • Overhead Crane
  • Articulating Crane


  • Crane & Equipment Operator
  • Rigger/Signal Person
  • Inspector
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Manager & Supervisor


  • Management Assist Visit/Audit
  • Accident Investigation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Safety Staffing


  • OSHA General Industry & Construction
  • Cranes
  • Mobile
  • Tower
  • Overhead
  • Any Lifting Device
  • Scaffold Inspections
  • DOT Inspections

OSHA-Approved Crane Inspections That Prioritize Workplace Safety

Are you having problems with your cranes? No need to worry! Certified Safety Experts can assist you with your crane’s safety and compliance. Since the early days; when we started providing these services, our commitment to quality and safety for workers and the general environment has always been our greatest priority. It has made us become great specialists in offering comprehensive services in crane inspection to individuals and businesses in different industries.

Crane inspections, required by OSHA standards, are called out to be conducted by qualified personnel for hazard identification and correction. Our trained crane inspectors can provide the experience and credentials that are called out for within this critical need. Our inspectors are committed to maintaining the highest standards for safety and compliance.

In addition to verifying a cranes mechanical and structural integrity along with required safety devices, our inspectors are responsible for detecting misalignments, broken components, or deformations before they are put into service. We help our customers reduce the risks of crane operation accidents and secure and enable the cranes to operate safely and efficiently with our comprehensive inspections.

At Certified Safety Experts, we fully understand the role the OSHA standards play in maintaining workplace safety. This explains precisely why we strive to provide comprehensive inspection services that will meet or exceed the OSHA requirements, giving the customer confidence in the safety of crane operations.

Experienced and proficiently trained, our professional team at Certified Safety Experts provides crane inspection services. Whether one requires audits made for compliance, checks to be made post-incident, or regular inspections, Certified Safety Experts will provide reliable and experienced crane inspection services. Come to us today and learn how we can help you keep your place of business both safe and compliant.

Need an annual crane inspection? Renew your crane safety inspection Today.

Build Confidence With Our NCCCO Certification For Load-Handling Professionals

Certified Safety Experts is your reliable partner for safety and certification solutions. With a strong conviction in the power of education and training, we specialize in offering high-quality NCCCO certification services to people and organizations in load-handling equipment.

Certification is essential for ensuring that persons have the information and skills to execute their job obligations safely and efficiently. At Certified Safety Experts, we understand that properly educated staff is the foundation of a safe and effective workplace. Obtaining NCCCO certification demonstrates an individual’s dedication to quality and expertise.

CCO certification is intended to reassure industry stakeholders and the general public that staff operating load-handling equipment are highly experienced and informed. The advantages of NCCCO‘s national certification programs are many, including lower risk of loss, fewer accidents, more uniform training standards, and more work prospects for certified experts.

We aim to provide people and organizations with the resources they need to thrive in the ever-changing world of load-handling equipment operations. Whether you are a seasoned professional trying to improve your skills or an employer wishing to invest in your employees’ safety and competence, we are here to assist.

Certified Safety Experts, with a team of experienced and devoted experts, is committed to providing quality in all aspects of our certification services. Please join us in stressing safety, professionalism, and quality. Become certified with Certified Safety Experts now!

NCCCO Crane Certification

Certified Safety Experts Crane Training has assisted hundreds in obtaining certification from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), leading to rewarding and lucrative careers as certified crane operators.

Success Starts Here: Building Your Qualifications With Comprehensive Training

At Certified Safety Experts, we recognize that obtaining credentials in weight-handling equipment operations necessitates technical knowledge and mastery of critical soft skills. We have structured our training so that a ‘graduate’ leaves us, possessing the full suite of qualifications he would require to succeed in the workplace.

Even though technical competency is a prime factor for safe and efficient crane operation and rigging cargo, soft skills are no less important to succeed in the workplace. Furthermore, we bring to the table training programs that do not only touch on the technical subtleties of the industry but also those that develop vital soft skills, including but not limited to communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership.

Communication skills are essential for working properly at the place of the job site to work safely and effectively. This training instills in students the ability to communicate effectively to avoid errors that may lead to injuries or accidents.

Teamwork is another important soft skill highlighted in our training sessions. In the fast-paced atmosphere of load-handling equipment operations, the ability to work successfully as part of a team is critical to maintaining operation safety and success. This is where our program comes in—it instills the value of teamwork and equips them with skills that enable them to be good to work with.

Problem-solving skills apply to dealing with difficulties at the workplace. From diagnosing equipment issues to devising a means around some of the most challenging logistics problems, our training helps students develop an analytical mind and critical thinking skills in troubleshooting to ensure the work site is hitch-free.

At Certified Safety Experts, we help you get the certification that you deserve for you to be able to pursue this field. In our training program, you are guaranteed the much-needed technical and soft skills training to ensure you succeed in the dynamic environment of load-handling equipment operation.

Ready for the next step in your career? Contact Certified Safety Experts today to learn how our training programs can help you reach the qualifications needed for a certification that may be the ticket to career success.

Learn More About Our Certification Programs

As a proud supporter of the NCCCO, C.S.E offers preparatory training programs, along with the NCCCO written and practical exams.

The preparatory training is designed to prepare experienced operators, riggers, signal persons, lift directors, and crane inspectors for the rigorous NCCCO written and practical exams.

Certifications Made Easy With Training Programs For NCCCO Requirements

Certified Safety Experts is all about being your best friend with certifications that bring about advantages in your expectations of using weight-handling equipment. We specialize in safety and professionalism with comprehensive training programs that prepare you to meet NCCCO requirements and certifications.

Certified Safety Experts is a recognized training provider. We offer a training course that will meet the needs of NCCCO certification training. Our professional and well-qualified instructors use an industry-leading curriculum with practical training methodologies to ensure students grasp the knowledge and can practically apply it in their certification exams. We are experienced and highly qualified professionals who will be able to help you get your crane operator, rigger, signal person, or forklift certification.

Our well-laid training programs are second to none and encapsulate essential topics: equipment operation, safety procedures, regulatory compliance, and more. That way, you are always prepared well in advance to live up to the rigorous standards at NCCCO.

At Certified Safety Experts, we realize the importance of certifications to maintain the workplace safe and productive. That is why we will go further to give high-quality training that offers maximum confidence and knowledge to shine in respective roles. Our extensive training programs ensure that you are better poised for NCCCO certifications. Take the next step towards certification with Certified Safety Experts.

Learn More About Our Certification Programs

As a proud supporter of the NCCCO, C.S.E offers preparatory training programs, along with the NCCCO written and practical exams.

The preparatory training is designed to prepare experienced operators, riggers, signal persons, lift directors, and crane inspectors for the rigorous NCCCO written and practical exams.

Ready, Set, Certify: Mobile Crane Operator Certification Training

At Certified Safety Experts, we want to help you get your Mobile Crane Operator certification. We understand that being a certified crane operator is an important step in your career, and we are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge, training, and support you need to succeed.

To get certified, you must follow various standards and requirements. First, determine that you meet the qualification criteria set by NCCCO. Such conditions typically include at least 18 years of age, certain training course completion, and passing written and practical assessments. Certified Safety Experts offers a training program that would enable you to fulfill these requirements and prepare you for the certification examinations.

The seminars are taught by certified experts in the operation skills required for the crane, safety regulations, procedures for managing loads, and equipment maintenance. That is what we do: experience and practical hands-on training to ​​guarantee that you are well-equipped for success.

Upon your training completion and you feel like a guru with all the attained skills and knowledge, you can plan your certification exams at any testing point. The examination is going to test your knowledge of crane operation skills. If you successfully pass this, you will become an authorized Mobile Crane Operator.

Ready to move a step forward with your career? Be sure to contact our Certified Safety Experts for additional details concerning our training programs and getting started on the road to Mobile Crane Operator Certification.

Learn More About Our Certification Programs

As a proud supporter of the NCCCO, C.S.E offers preparatory training programs, along with the NCCCO written and practical exams.

The preparatory training is designed to prepare experienced operators, riggers, signal persons, lift directors, and crane inspectors for the rigorous NCCCO written and practical exams.

Comprehensive Inspections: Ensuring Safety And Compliance

At Certified Safety Experts, we offer the most reliable, respectful, and professional certified equipment inspectors. We provide annual inspections to assure compliance with OSHA and the relevant standards. Our technicians are highly trained and conduct rigorous diagnostics to find any possible hitch in your equipment, ensuring that the facility enjoys effective and efficient running equipment.

We also do post-incident inspections. This is an inspection carried out to determine damage or problems that may have resulted from an accident or incident. Inspections are always timely and in detail; any safety concern is corrected to ensure the equipment is safe for continued operation.

Certified Safety Experts support the needs of individuals in NCCCO licensing and certification. We provide educational programs that teach students the practical information and skills to operate cranes and forklifts. We guarantee that our students are adequately equipped to satisfy the tough NCCCO certification criteria via in-class instruction and hands-on training.

At Certified Safety Experts, we prioritize safety. Our services include prompt, reliable, and thorough annual inspections of your cranes and forklifts, post-incident inspections, and assistance with NCCCO certifications. Help us make your workplace safety and compliance the priority it should be. Contact Certified Safety Experts today for your inspection scheduling.

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